Help purchase a reliable wheelchair accessible van for a deserving Sacramento family.

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“This attack is truly a tragedy and thankfully justice has been served. The victim and her family are still in a desperate situation. They can’t afford a wheelchair accessible vehicle needed to transport the victim to her many doctor appointments. I’m asking everyone to show the best that Sacramento has to offer and to make a donation to take care of one of our own.”

— Mayor Kevin Johnson


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KFBK interview

Interview with KFBK's Kitty O'Neal
and Sacramento County
District Attorney Amy Holliday


By Andy Furillo, August 27, 2013

By Mike Luery, August 26, 2013


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Paratransit, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, has served the mobility community for 35 years. Our Destinations Mobility division sells new and used vehicles and related mobility equipment at nonprofit prices.

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Parental Advisory: The following content is not appropriate for minors. 

Destinations Mobility: Wheels of JusticeA horrific crime was committed against a child in June 2012. While no one can right this wrong, you can help make life better for her and her family.

The defendant, Carlos Mesinas, was convicted of all charges against him. However, the judgment mandated by law does not adequately address the horror inflicted upon a defenseless child. Crimes committed against victims with severe disabilities who cannot report crimes committed against them or defend themselves must be redressable. Awareness must be brought to the inadequacy of current sentencing guidelines.

The victim at the time of the crime was 14 years old and has numerous medical issues including cerebral palsy, scoliosis, spastic quadraparesis, microcephaly, and other medical issues. She uses a wheelchair, is non-mobile, largely non-verbal, receives nutrition through a permanent feeding tube, wears diapers, and requires twenty-four hour care. Due to the victim’s severe disabilities, there are multiple medical appointments every week. The defendant not only violated this defenseless victim, but left the family with very little resources.

You can help this victim and her family through donations to purchase a much needed reliable wheelchair accessible van for transporting the victim of these horrible crimes. The victim and her family, despite the horrific nature of these crimes, have shown great courage, strength and spirit.

Official District Attorney's Press Release

Our goal is to provide her family with a reliable wheelchair accessible van. Here's how you can help.

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More details and links, including more media reports, contact info at the DA's office, and an interview with the victim's mother are under construction.